Square Off Sports is born out of a strong intent to develop a sporting culture in India; a culture that promises a future for all aspirants by…

  • Focusing on delivering professional sports training programs through structured curriculum and progressive training sessions
  • Consulting on investing in the right sports gear and infrastructure with leading educational institutions, townships and corporates
  • Partnering with National and State Sports Federation bodies to provide credible professional tournament environments thereby facilitating the GenNext of India to take up sports as a profession and excel in it
  • Working with Olympians and National-level Coaches for enhancing their personal brand profile as well as representing their commercial partnerships
  • Creating Sports experience tours for participants to create a more aspiring and confident sportsperson thus upskilling them to compete at an international stage

Headquartered in Mumbai, Square Off Sports is providing sports training to over 8,000 people in 13 disciplines across its network of delivery centres in the city. The company’s delivery centres include a mix of township clubhouses to grounds and premium educational institutions in the city. With a strategic vision of professionalizing the delivery of sports in India, Square Off Sports hopes to create a paradigm shift and act as agents to encourage the youth right from their formative age to take up sports as a way of life thereby building career opportunities in sports.