Square Off Sports – a way of life – is a movement to reach out to the young and share the belief that achievements are a possibility and there are endless opportunities in the field of sports.

India’s population in 2017 hit the mark of 1.3 billion, and is set to increase significantly in the coming decades. With global population reaching over 7.4 billion, India roughly represents 18% of the total world populace and yet we don’t represent in most of the international sporting events.

Statistics clearly indicate how India has underperformed at the International sports arena. India has been participating in the Olympics from the 1900’s. Out of the 33 times that India has participated in the Olympics Games, we have won a total of 28 medals so far. In our National Sport, Hockey, we have won the highest medals: 8 Gold, 1 Silver & 2 Bronze. Yet, how many Young Indians or corporates look at Hockey as a lucrative sport?

There are reasons like lack of accountable training sessions, poor infrastructure development and maintenance, cultural influences, academia wherein they all act as deflators of enthusiasm rather than encouraging the inner talent. With a strategic vision of professionalizing the delivery of sports in India, Square Off Sports hopes to create a paradigm shift and act as agents to encourage the youth right from their formative age to take up sports as a way of life thereby building career opportunities in sports.