Maharashtra State Level Table-Tennis Ranking Tournament-2011
February 26, 2011

Dombivli Gymkhana with a big bang

The Maharashtra State level Table tennis ranking tournament-2011 began on21st June 2011 at Dombivli Gymkhana with a big bang. The tournamentbegan at 9 am with an opening ceremony in presence of dignitaries of Dombivliand Thane district. All the organizers, participants, their parents and coacheswere present for this ceremony. The Chief Guest for this ceremony was Mr.Satish Pradhan. More than 900 participants joined in to compete for this Statelevel Table Tennis Tournament. And these 900 participants were divided intofive different groups – Cadets, Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Youth and Open for bothgirls and boys. “As this is a state level tournament, best players from allover the state have participated. But many national and international levelplayers are unable to participate as they are busy attending the India Tabletennis camp. In spite of this, the performance level for this Maharashtra Statelevel Table tennis ranking tournament-2011 is too good” said Mr. Rohit Shinde,Chief Referee of the Maharashtra State level Table tennis ranking tournament-2011

Inthis tournament, participant from multiple cities such as Latur, Thane, Mumbai,Pune, Satara, Kolhapur, Raigad, and Aurangabad participated and gave a toughchallenge to each other. Thane, Pune and Mumbai were a step ahead from allother states in performance.

Thetournament had a wonderful start, thanks to the exceptional performance givenby the Su-Junior group boys. The first day of the tournament was followed verywell by Sub-Junior girls, cadet girls and boys competitions. After the firsttwo elementary rounds, the third and fourth round and quarter finals for thequalified players were held on the second day. After the quarter finals,elementary rounds for junior girls group began and the day ended with matchesbetween the junior boys group.  

Forthe third day of the tournament, Dombivli Gymkhana was filled with loads ofexcitement and cheering by fellow participants, as it witnessed the semi-finalsand finals of the Cadet (girls and boys) and Sub-Junior (girls and boys) group.On the third day, the tournament for the younger players came to an end andmatches for the senior group, i.e. Open group of Men and Women began.  Thefourth and fifth day continued with the semi-finals of the Junior, youth andopen groups.

Lastbut not the least was the sixth day, the final day of the tournament. Everyspectator was on edge of his seat as the semi-finals and finals for the Junior,youth and open group began. Even the chief guests were present for the finalsand were enjoying the game to their fullest. Mr. Ravindra Chavan, Mr. SatishPradhan, Mr. Deepak Hazare, Mr. Sachin Chitnis, Mr. Shirish Benare, Mr. YatinTipnis were all seen enjoying the game and encouraging the participants at thesame time. Finally on Sunday evening, the Maharashtra State level Table tennisranking tournament-2011 came to an end with smiles of victory on everyone’sface.

Total14 judges were present throughout the tournament and in presence of theseexperienced judges, all the winners were finely awarded. The winners were presentedwith certificates and trophies. The prize distribution ceremony was held in theinvaluable presence of Mr. Ravindra Chavan and Mr. Satish Pradhan. The chiefguests present for the tournament appreciated the level of participation andperformance, and the promise of improved performance in further tournaments. 

Thewinners of this tournament are:-




Cadet Group

Payal Bohra

Shaurya Pednekar

Sub-Junior Group

Mansi Deshpande

Siddhesh Pande

Junior Group

Rutuja Khopkar

Jay Shroff

Youth Group

Shweta Parte

Noel Pinto

Open Group

Shweta Parte

Noel Pinto




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