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Summer Camp at SM Shetty School, Powai
June 01, 2012

Sports Summer Camp at Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty School, Powai

Summer vacations are the best time to indulge your child in various activities, apart from academics, which makes your child more active and sporty. Also, summer camps are a great place for your child to make new friends, learn new skills, discover and grow. Square Off had organized a sports summer camp at Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty School from 16th April 2012 to 31st May 2012.

This summer Camp was divided into two camps, the first from 16-April-2012 to 8-May-2012 and the second camp from 10-May-2012 to 31-May-2012.The camp offered a choice of five sports - Cricket, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics and Table Tennis. The camp was specially designed for children to learn the sport in a friendly atmosphere and under the guidance of experienced coaches. The programs for all these sports had been designed by leading national level coaches. Additionally, to support the learning exercise, this camp also saw the involvement of senior coaches from the industry like Sandeep Dahad, BCCI Level C Coach (highest level, equivalent to PhD) and an ex-ranji trophy coach, Aejaz Khan, 27 time Basketball State National Player and Shiv Chatrapati Awardee, Sheikh Rashid an International Basketball Federation Referee to emphasize the importance of rules and regulations of Basketball to camp participants.

With multiple batches made available for every sport, the camp offered children complete freedom to indulge in the activity of their choice as per time available. A total of 384 children participated in this summer camp. With the support of the school management, this summer camp was open to students of all schools. While 160 (40% of the total participation) participating students were from SM Shetty School, the benefits of the camp were extended to 224 (60% of the total participation) participants from various other schools in and around Powai.

Icing on the cake for the camp was the positive feedback that was received from the participants for the camp.A feedback conducted at the end of the camp show more than 96% participants found the camp to be good and wanted the activities to be conducted on a regular basis.

More pictures from the summer camp can be viewed at www.facebook.com/SquareOffSports



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