58th National School Gymnastics Competition 2012-13 at Balewadi, Pune from 10th Dec 2012 to 14th Dec 2012
December 12, 2012

Day 3 Highlights
58th Third day at the 58th National School Gymnastics Competition (U-14, U-17 and U-19), held at Maharashtra state, Balewadi, Pune 2012-13 was again a glorious day for Maharashtra state athletes especially for under 17 girls participating for Gymnastics. The Position Ranking for Gymnastics is as follows: 1st position secured by Maharashtra state, 2nd position secured by West Bengal and 3rd position secured by Uttar Pradesh. From today on wards, Artistic Gymnastic started for Men’s Pair, Women’s Pair and Mix’s Pair. Maharashtra and West Bengal is performing the best among all the other states for this competition. Following are the details:

Men’s Pair: Maharashtra scored the total of 24.95 points being the 1st in position, Haryana scored 20.65 points being the 2nd best and Gujarath being the 3rd best scored 12.70 points.

Women’s Pair: West Bengal scored the total of 21.10 points being the 1st in position, Maharashtra scored 17.14 points being the 2nd best and Goa scored 12.20 points being the 3rd best in position among all the other participating states.

Mix’s Pair:  West Bengal 22.10 points in total being the 1st position, Maharashtras cored 21.65 points securing the 2nd  position and Gujarath scored 14.50 points being the 3rd best in position among all the states.

The honorable judges for this competition are Sumit M.R. Sanjay More (B.E.G), Yogesh Pawar from Goa, Pradeep Shah from Orissa, Sujit Pal from Maharashtra, Praveen Dhage from Maharashtra and Dilip Singh from Madhya Pradesh.     



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