About Us:

Square Off is a sports management, consulting and training organization providing comprehensive (turnkey) sports services creating best in class sports facilities, training sessions, education programs, sports infrastructure which facilitates Indian GenNext to take up sports as a profession and excel in their respective sport. Incorporated in July 2010, Square Off is formed with the intent to develop a sporting culture among the children of India, a culture that promises a future, one that conditions them with professional coaching, schooling, structured training sessions, professional tournament environments to display their talent & sponsorships.

The mission of Square Off is to ‘Make India the sporting destination of the world’.

Square Off Vision is to –

·         Make sports a viable career option in India

·         Create world class athletes

·         Create world class sporting facilities

·         Deliver inclusive sports based programs that contribute to social development

To cater to this vision, Square Off provides key sports based programs for schools, residential complexes, academies & clubs where the entire gamut of sports training is provided by Square Off. Square Off intends to nurture students’ right from formative age thereby building career opportunities in sports. Through Square off Website www.squareoffsports.com we intend to cover local sports tournaments & events, promote participation and publish achievements of local participants. With a strategic vision for professionalizing the delivery of sports in India and focusing on value creation by adopting an equal emphasis approach towards all stake-holders we work with, Square Off hopes to create a paradigm shift and act as agents to encourage youth to take up sports in a big way. At Square Off, we also work with Sponsors and Brands to identify sports platforms where win-win situations can be created.

The keys to success for Square Off will be our ability, through our turnkey sports based services

·         Encourage young children to take up sports as a profession

·         Identify talent pool in their formative years

·         Through focused Sponsorship provide them with best in class training.

·         Help them represent India while they are still young and in the best shape.

For further information you can reach us at contact@squareoffsports.com


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